Admission (IBED)

  1. Applications for admission as freshmen, transferees, returnees, cross-enrollees or special students are filed with the Registrar’s Office.
  2. Students must meet the specific admission requirements of the course they intend to enroll in.
  3. All freshmen and transferees must take and pass the entrance examination to be conducted by the College Guidance Office and pass the admission interview to be conducted by a IBED Administrator/Official or his/her designated representative.
  4. Admission of New Students.  New students admitted shall submit the following documents prior to enrollment:
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate
  • Photocopy of Baptismal Certificate
  • 3 pieces ID picture (1×1)
  • Original Copy of Form 138 (Report Card)
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character (Grade 1-High School)
  • Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) for Foreign Students only)


  1. Submit to the Registrar the necessary admission requirements, together with three (3) 1 x I.D. Pictures and recommendation letter, if required (for scholars).
  2. Pay Entrance Examination Fee at the Finance Office.
  3. Take Written Entrance Examination at the Guidance Office.  (Note: Bring the permit together with the receipt).  Entrance test results will be released at the Guidance and Testing Center considering all the requirements submitted.
  4. Undergo Admission Interview (with Parent/Guardian).

Downloadable Application Form